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Told him to fuck my wife watch online

I turned to my wife and told her here are the rules, you can't fuck him till I say you can. You can do what you want but he cannot fuck you till I say so. She smiled . Watch video i begged him not to cum in me but he did on Redtube, home of free Amateur porn videos and sex movies online. my wife. 6, views 80%. HD BANGBROS - Young Colombian Babe Sara Garcia Is A Squirter (cff) Please tell me he paid you a lot to allow a puggy dork like that to fuck you. Post. Show All comments. To My Wife's Surprise He said that he had asked me if he could fuck her and me and I had told him it was up to her. My wife was speechless for a minute and then looked at me. She said that we would discuss it and let him know. Again, he wasn't happy with that .

Told him to fuck my wife
Told him to fuck my wife

The whole thing started as a fantasy but which one of us it was that had the fantasy, it's hard to say. We were in bed, having just fucked up a storm, when I asked my wife if she would be interested in trying anal sex. She sat for a moment before told him to fuck my wife and to my surprise, she said she would like to try it. Told him to fuck my wife cock went straight up upon hearing this and she moved over and sat down on it, moaning as I entered her again. We talked again about anal sex a few days later and decided that we had to take it slow and try different gels and toys first. That night, we went out for dinner, as was our usual Friday night date, and as we were sitting enjoying the meal, a man walked over and asked if he could join us.
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Hey this scene is going truly well, lets ruin it by throwing a man into it

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Told him to fuck my wife
Told him to fuck my wife
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