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A breast pump to induce labor watch online

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2. Nipple stimulation. Nipple stimulation can really work for labor induction or to boost a stalled or slow labor. You want to stimulate the whole breast, not just the nipples. If reflexology for inducing labor isn’t working, you have other options. Stimulating your nipples with an electric breastfeeding pump appears to induce labor, reports the American Pregnancy Association. In a study published in the journal Birth, women were asked if they tried to induce labor naturally at home. Of the group, about half said they tried at least one method, such as eating spicy.

A breast pump to induce labor
A breast pump to induce labor

Ways to induce labor naturally are many and varied. Here we talk about the more natural ways to induce labor. You will most likely hear about these methods from your Midwife or Doctor too. There are many factors that influence the start of labor. Scientists are still discovering new information even now.
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A breast pump to induce labor
A breast pump to induce labor
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