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21 Netflix Shows With Awesome Gay Characters. the first four seasons of The Vampire Diaries to see the first major gay character, but Luke Parker (Chris Brochu) is worth the wait. 6) Scandal. Being gay is big news right now! At the same time we have Michael Sam, a college football player entering the NFL draft aiming to become the first openly gay player in that league. The movie industry; often chided by conservatives as a bastion of liberalism, has helped tell the stories of many members of the LGBT community. Many characters. Nov 23,  · This is 10 Gay Characters On Disney Channel And In Disney Movies. The first Disney character to have a coming out scene is Josh from the series “The Lodge.”Author: TheTalko.

Movies with a gay character
Movies with a gay character

The following is a list of films with gaylesbianbisexualor transgender characters. These are film franchises and shared universes whose film series collectively feature at least two or more LGBT characters in a leading or supporting role. In the comics, Insect-Man wears a mask. He claims to be a policeman who uses his movies with a gay character identity to do things being a policeman does not allow him to do. His sexuality is not addressed. Conversely, in the film, Insect-Man is gay and was bullied when he was younger because of this.
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