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My wife bought me lingerie watch online

Nov 18,  · My wife, our kids and i went shopping this past Saturday. At one store, she bought several panties and bras which she never showed me. Sometime this week she wore one of the panties which she then hand washed and hang it together with others she Status: Resolved. Why I Like My Men To Wear Lingerie. Updated on November 15, Hope Alexander. nylons, camisoles, but no bras) for > 20 years. Wife bought me some nice panties in the past and played along in bed. For serveral years she is no longer interested in intimacy or even just talking about intimate things. It may be a MUTUAL communication problem. My wife bought me some panties!! b.a.s pm, 7 July I as a % straight guy have always loved wearing ladies panties and stockings, it was just something I done when I was a teenager at first, and now about 10 years later have started again with encouragement from my wife but mostly it's for some spice in the bedroom.

My wife bought me lingerie
My wife bought me lingerie

Save Cancel Drag to set position! Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. However I suffer from a skin condition on my legs, lower back and lately around my backside and privates and before some of you start thinking STDs etc no it's a form of dry skin which leads to open sores and spots etc. At work today wearing them and I can tell you she was right the only problem now my wife bought me lingerie how horny I am!!! It is very fun and adds alot of spice in the bedroom. Went shopping with my wife last week at Frederick's.
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My wife bought me lingerie
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