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Real women self pleasure videos
Real women self pleasure videos

It's well-established that has been the year of the female orgasm. But that doesn't mean we don't still have work to real women self pleasure videos. A new website, however, is working hard to close that gap. Real women self pleasure videosan online orgasm training program, enlists the help of real women to demonstrate exactly how they make themselves come, using a wide variety of specific techniques. Users can also replicate the exact motions used to bring the women onscreen to orgasm via an interactive touchscreen, providing real-time feedback during what is essentially a crash course in female sexual pleasure. Perkins came up with the idea for the website with his friend Lydia Daniller about four years ago, during a conversation they were having with friends about the elusive female orgasm. To find out what, precisely, gets women off, Perkins and Daniller arranged video chat interviews with hundreds of women about their self-pleasure techniques, 30 of whom ultimately elected to demonstrate their favorite techniques on camera.
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Real women self pleasure videos
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